Some of these pictures are lethal! Taken at and after the mini stag we held for Shawn 2 days before the wedding.

2 days before W-day!

David and I thought that even though Shawn had a stag back in Canada already we should throw a mini stag as well.

The day started with some bowling at 3pm in Valby Big Bowl. Unfortunately I did not have time to pull out my camera... I was very busy. The Danes - David, Tomas, Ulrik and myself - were playing against the Canadians - Shawn, Dennis, Jay and Oliver.

And we weren't just playing any game! We had high stakes indeed. We were playing for Hans Island!! Winner takes all best out of 3

The danes ran away with the victory fairly easy though. This was mainly due to lack of team spirit on team Canadian bacon.

It was actually fairly even to start out with. The Bacons had improved their playing skills a little by doping themselves with beer. Unfortunately they went overboard on the beer wagon and couldn't keep the preassure on the Danes. Further more Canadians have a hard time keeping up with the Danes on the drinks - The Danes a proud nation of heavy drinkers

On the way home from the bowling alley we hit "The Promade" on Frederiksberg Allé. Chugged down a few wat overprized brewskies and then headed to Carl and Elisabeths place for dinner

Less talk more pictures you say? ok ok, here we go

Dinner at Carl and Elisabeths place

Natanya and some of the girls had prepared a feast beyond comprehension. David and Natanya had done a great job getting the groceries earlier that day. David supplied us with "Blue cokes" as well (Canned Danish beer, Royal Ceres is the name of it for you Canadians that hunger for more). Further more David was in charge of all the cooking of the meat on the grills where he did an excellent I might add.

Not sure what Carl is trying to explain to be honest

On the picture from left to right ( more or less) you see: Ulrik, Carl, Jay, Oliver, Naomi, Dennis, Shawn, Elisabeth, Lynne, Karen and Natanya.

Same as above.

The only person who might have gotten more attention than then bride and groom... Minime!!!(alias Latimer)

Some other peeps on the picture but hardly worth to mention *evil grin*.

Once again Minime here held by her loving aunty Natanya. Oliver, Dennis and Lynne somewhere in the background.

Finally! Some food. David running around franticly trying to get some meat done for the hungry Canadians.

From the front and left side first: Dennis, Amanda, Natanya, David, Tomas, Jay, Karen, Pete and Carl.

Same crowd, just added Ulrik with his back towards the camera. Yet again David flying around to get more meat done.


As you can see people are getting drunk at this point (out of focus). Here Angela joined in as well.

The men!! Starting front left: Carl, Jay, Tomas, Shawn, Ulrik, Pete, David, Jacob (me), Dennis and Oliver

At Larsens Plaz

Aparently the camera man was a little busy drinking here. Because even though there is only one picture from this place it sure wasn't the place we chugged the least amount of drinks inboard.

David and Pete discussing beer at the bar. Tomas, Ulrik, Shawn and Dennis in the back.

At Park

After some heavy boozin up at Larsens Plaz we finally got into a state that would leave us able to cope with the ladies again. We took a couple of cabs and ended up at Park café on Ĝsterbro. Most of the people spend what ever they had left of the night here or at Dakota (see bottom for a little more on that).

Natanya getting hit on by a dike and she doesn't really seem to mind.

On the other hand, who would mind getting hit on by a decent looking girl?? Not I that's for sure. I mean at the end of the day always have the right to say no. But it doesn't hurt your image till then does it? 8)

Dennis trying to get some close ups of some of all the fine danish ladies.

Shawn and Oliver lining up for a foto for Dennis. I snag one from behinid meanwhile.

Same after the picture was taken.

Ulrik and Dennis checking out what or who to take pictures of.

Same blokes checking if the foto ended up good or not.

Oliver and I... not much to say. Not sure what's going on with my wrinkled neck...

Dennis looking like somewhat of a pleased zombie while Shawn and Natanya wonders what to drink next most likely.

See how drunk these people are!!! Again totally out of focus...

From the left Karen, Dennis, Jay, Natanya, Shawn and Oliver.

Natanya sticking her head in trying to eavesdrop a little on Ulrik and Shawns conversation.

Jay thinking "Now that's a fine piece of bacon there". Dennis doing the zombie stomp and Karen oblivious to what's going on behind her.

The guest of honor looking fairly pleased on this picture. If judging by this picture I would say the night was a success indeed.

Random crowd... just barely able to see Oliver moving in on his prey in the bottom of the picture.

And there we have the contact... looks like he is doing pretty good there judging by her smile.

The never failing point at some good looking ladies you claim to be with to seem more intersting.

Seems like it worked... the girl is stunned and Oliver is happy with the outcome so far.

I believe I told Dennis not to wear a pinkie ring and he took it off right there and then when I told him why... In Denmark it is in general a sign of being gay. I guess I shoulda told Jay as well. I don't think he would be showing it off like that if he knew.

Shawn and Dennis checking out a decent piece of meat while Jay barely gets his head jammed into the bottom of the picture.

Ulrik and I getting a fast snapshot taken.

Pretty nice floors for a dance club don't you think? Might need some cleaning once we are done here though. My Puma shoes btw!

Karen and Jay... some nice girl sitting in the back with a couple of ugly dudes.

Shawn looks like he is closing in on the end of the road while Karen shows off a little of her dark side and Jay... yeah well he is trying to say SKĊĊĊĊL. But alas he doesn't know how.

Jay looking all serious, Karen being her cheerful self and I try to pry my nose in there and barely make it too.

Dennis showing Ulrik some moves on the dance floor.

Random picture to show the crowd.

Dennis telling Jay about some nice girl I am sure.

Now they toast to her.

You got to hand it to us Danes... Hans island or not... we got some fine ladies!

Shawn and Ulrik posing... Ulrik trying to look like a crook or something. The only smoker in the company I might add!! Bad smoker... booo...

Another best buddie pose from the two lover boys.

Jay, Natanya, Ulrik and a little of Dennis dancing.

Jay, Amanda, Natanya, Shawn and Karen's hand dancing - Dennis in the background fooling around or something maybe he is lost.

More dancing... Natanya going bonanza there while Karen, Jay, Ulrik, Shawn and Amanda are taking it a little easier. Looks like Dennis is trying to calm Natanya down a little with a pad in the back.

And again more dancing. Amanda, Natanya, Dennis, Shawn and Ulrik. Looks like Ulrik is telling someone to get down... or something.

Jay, Shawn and Ulrik dancing the night away.

Me taking a picture of Amanda who's taking a picture of Jay, Dennis and Natanya.

Get down and dirty!! Natanya is working on it... other bozos dancing as well.

Further down and maybe even more dirty, who knows. Looks like Shawn is trying to catch his sister in law before she goes through the floor.

Karen's hand, Jay's nostrels and Ulrik dancing. Shawn in the background.

Shawn has given up, there is seemingly no stopping Natanya... Jay seems to enjoy it though and Ulrik is cheering.

Karen and Jay knocking back yet another drink Ulrik pausing for a sec. All this dancing can make you quite thirsty though so better not pause too long with the drinking.

Again with the pinkie ring??? What's up with that Jay. Everyone looking pretty cheerful/ drunk at this point.

Some chick caught Jay's attention and he pauses his drinking for a few to enjoy.

A few familiar faces popping in there. Shawn looking ever so surprised.

Now it's Amanda's and my time to get down and dirty it seems.

Awwww.... what a cute couple. Karen and Jay... Too bad karen... you might be mighty fine, but I suspect you need to work hard to get that pinkie ring off of his hand.

No I am not wearing a bra as a friend asked me... It was very hot in there 8( And I am a really hot boy... hmm well ... I mean I am always very hot... oh well you get the picture.

Looking sharp there Ulrik... the rest of us look kinda outta focus/ drunk.

Pete and Angela were in the adjacent room. A little less noisy and not quite the same heat as on the dance floor.

A close of up the nice couple.

Unfortunately I dont have a single shot of Angela dancing but take my word on it she was going nuts out there. I thought I was out dancing with a couple of Britney Spears dancers when I was on the dance floor with the Ramsey sisters.

David beginning to look a little roasted at this point. Pete looking pretty satisfied with a nice looking girl in one hand and a nice big glass of beer in the other.

Pete looking away from the camera... can't blame him... I mean he is sitting with a ladies purse on one arm... Angela seemingly finding it fairly amusing.

Almost looks like both Pete and David have been drunk under the table. But that wasn't the case.. I am not sure what they were up to..

Back from the dead... Pete and David looking alive - or close to it - again.

Feel my boobs sir... it might be your last chance ever!

Not sure what they are laughing about now.. I shall leave it up to you to speculate.

Natanya getting ready to be blown up a few sizes...

David trying to blow some air into Natanya... or so it seems.

Doesn't look like the bar will run out of booze tonight does it?

Random people... and Amanda's head... or some of it anyways.

Amanda and David lounging....

Amanda trying to get a snap shot of David throwing his beer at me.

Natanya feels overlooked...

Random girl who seemingly didn't want her picture taken.

Amanda, Natanya, David and Jay lounging.... Angela and Pete standing in the edge of the picture.

We were low on good looking girls for a few, so we grabbed a couple of random girls to join in on the picture.

Dennis thinks Oliver should share... not only the ladies but the tobaco as well.

Oliver trying to blend in outside.

Some girl Oliver was working on showing Dennis something I guess.

Now Dennis got a spot with the girls... everything is good now.

Oliver sucking hard on that pipe....

Oliver still sucking hard on that pipe...

The girl was obviously impressed by all the hard work Oliver put in trying to get smoke in his lungs.

People crying as we started to head on to the next place...

More girls... most likely crying as well due to our departure shortly.

Amanda and Natanya posing.


We left Park Café and went to Dakota down town Copenhagen. Quite a few people went home pretty fast after that. The place was a little overcrowded and people were getting tired.

Karen, Ulrik, Amanda, Natanya and I went to Amigo bar later. Unfortunately no pictures from there... nothing really happened there though so no loss. The last peeps checked out of Amigo bar at around 6.15am friday morning (Karen, Ulrik and I).

All in all a very nice long day in very good company. I hope all there agree with me on this one. I would personally love to hang out more with the people who were there. But that might not be mutual... who knows.

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