Pictures taken at the reception at Carl and Elisabeths place in Copenhagen.

Finally some food and drinks!

After a short walk home from the church to Elisabeth and Carls place, we are ready to stuff us with food.

And there was food alright... as you will notice when you through the pictures. Food to the left of you and food to the right of you etc... It was indeed a well prepared feast!

Would you look at that cake? What a beautiful cake. Flowers done by Elisabeth and the cake itself done by - believe it or not - the bride. As if she didn't have other things to do before the wedding.

More food, less people...

Even more food...

Klaus and David having a drink and a little chat.

Tomas and Kirsten chatting and eating. Various cousins at the table in the background plus half an old coworker in the front right.

Naomi's good friend Broke and her boyfrind Travis who flew from New York to take part in this special day.

Andreas and Ester having some icecream.

David holding on to Minime while he poses to the camera. His name is Latimer btw. I better put it in here somewhere or his mom and dad will own me 8(

More icecream being consumed at the table by: Mette, Salome, Signe, Hannah, Andreas and Ester.

Random shot of the yard. Too many people to list...

People admiring the cake etc. Klaus and his wife - or girlfriend not sure sorry - Susanne, Klara and Berit.

Elisabeth making sure Peter doesn't get bored... Points at the list of duties done by who hanging on the door.

Shawn looking like he found some foreign object in his ice.

People gathering at the icecream cart... who wouldn't. I was there several times myself 8)

From left to right more or less: Naomi, Jay, a friend of Elisabeth, Stine, Trine, Eva, Jan, icecream lady, Dave and Joanne.

Peter looking a little like he has had enough already. Karoline, Berit and Natanya in there as well somewhere.

Minime looking up at Karoline. Both in clothes made by Eliasbeth I might add.

Lynne and Natanya eating various eatables.

A lot of people... from left to right more or less: Karen with her back against me, Dennis, Susanne, Klaus, Jay, Berit, Kirsten, Shawn, Jan, Peter, icecream lady and last but certainly not least Dave.

Elisabeth talking to Heather and Ida.

A lot of people... too many to list.


Tomas with his dear son Minime who found a bucket of ice cold water. And played with it for a while. Then his tiny little fingers got cold and he was crying till Elisabeth picked him up and helped him warm his mini fingers.

More of the playing with ice water.


A shot of quite a few of the ladies at the reception. From left to right: Berit, Karoline, Klara, Hannah, Signe, Lynne, Salome, Kirtsen and Ester.

Time to cut the cake. Naomi and Shawn did it well.

Again with the cake. What a beautiful couple.

More cake...

Still cutting...

Finally time to taste the cake.

I can add my personal comment on that one.... mmmm good stuff...

More tasting...

And here are pretty much all the people from the reception gathered. Only a few missing.


Minime walsing around the yard.

Kirsten handing out cake to hungry people.

Kirsten handing out cake to Joanne, Karen and Dave.

Almost empty baskets of food.

I guess that is a great compliment to the chefs (myself included on that one... I put meatballs on sticks with cucumber and tomatos all morning!)

And now!! you see the little drunkard is at it again.

Much to his uncle David's despair he is drinking uncle Jacob's Carlsberg Hof, and not David's Blue Cokes otherwise known as Ceres Royal.

More drining from Minime...


Even more so...

And he starts on a new!!

Another sip...

Proudly shows of his beer to the buddies. Signe amongst other.

Signe is deperately trying to get him to drink less.

Or she has started working on a cure for his hangovers the next day.

The guests of honor are about to depart for the foto session.

The Ramsey crew etc camping in the yard.

From left to right: Dave who is carefully putting away a piece of paper - his secret plans on how to win back Hans Island - Pete who tries to look innocent but surely has a part in this plot, Angela who with a raised finger is urgeing Dave to put the plans away, Joanne and Karen who are trying to look innocent as well.

Jay and Dennis talking to Broke and Travis.

Heather, Amit and Adam hanging out in the shade while Elisabeth, Stine, Eva and the old coworker talks. ( sorry don't have his name)

After the reception

When we were more or less done emptying icecream buckets and baskets with food etc we moved towards hotel Phoenix in Copenhagen.

There was a little caos regarding this since cabs were not willing to come etc. However with a few rides from Jan and Carl we all made it there safely.

On that account sorry for the extra drive back and forth Jan...8) didn't mean to.