Pictures taken at the wedding dinner. Including bare toes and the vals!!!

Dinner at Phoenix hotel

Look at these beautifully decorated tables. Done partly by the hotel and partly by Elisabeth and Naomi.

The dinner table with the present table at the end.

Trine stine and Malene leaving the room while I take more pictures of the table.

Tomas and David disgussing something while I take more pictures.

Fuzzy I know... but still a very beautiful table.

Same and same... from the other end.

And now we are just about ready to take a seat. Carl seems to be ready to take several.

In the picture from lef to right: Elisabeth, Carl, Naomi and Shawn.

More people ready to get some grubs.

And now Oliver is talking a little bit about how the evening is suppose to proceed.

Carl starting his speech. It was a very good one I might add.

Carl continuing the speech.

Now Shawn takes up the challenge and starts on his speech.

Doing well so far...

Still doing good.

And now he is rounding up the speech. Very good one indeed. I hope I will be able to get just close to a speech as good as that at my own wedding when ever that will be.

Oliver taking over on the speech job now.

Naomi, Trine and Stine taking a closer look at the wedding gown.

A little pause in the eating and the speeches.

In the picture more or less from left to right: Dave, Joanne, Angela, Pakizah, David, Pete, Heather, Shawn, Karen, Dennis, Jay and Adam. In the front of the picture is Malene's hair, Klaus and Susanne.

Dave doing a very fun and good speech.

As you can see he even found it funny himself!

Broke trying to get away from the camera... barely makes it too.

At the table from left to right: Elisabeth, Peter, Shawn, Oliver, Joanne, Dave and Angela.

In the background you can see the screen that was used for showing some embaressing pictures of Naomi as a child.

Shawn, Kirsten, Carl and Joanne hanging out.

Lynne snatching a kiss from the bride.

This originally an old Danish tradition at the weddings. If the Groom leaves all guys are to run up and kiss the bride and vice versa. We added a little twist to this tradition so both got kissed by both men and women 8)

Natanya kissing Shawn on the cheek.

Malene had a really nice and fun speech prepared for this evening. Here she is performing it.

Again Malene and her speech.

Tomas doing a speech off the bat I think... was very good though.


And now yet another Danish wedding tradition the wedding walse (sp). The happy couple dance while the guests gather in closer and closer.

And yet again a Danish tradition cutting off the tip of the socks. Has some meaning regarding the wedded couple forgot which though.

Coffee was served and everyone were happy and all over the place.

People enjoying more coffee.

From left to right more or less: Klaus, Susanne, Berit, Malene, Stine and Trine.

Amanda checking pictures on her camera at the table with Travis and Broke.

Would you look at those 3 smiling girls??.

At the table from left to right: Dave, Carl, Joanne, Karen, Angela and Pete.

Some of Shawns good friends: Jay, Dennis, Pakizah, Adam, Heather and Amit. They all look like they are enjoying themselves.

A last picture of the beautiful couple before they turn in at the hotel.

People saying good night etc... Elisabeth, Naomi, Shawn, Natanya and Carl.

The dinner was fantastic! The bride and groom made a beautiful couple! And the guest were great!

I have never seen such a beautiful wedding myself and I am sure that most - if not all - people there would agree.

A personal thanks

I wish you two the best possible in the time to come and I hope to be able to be a part of both of yours lives even if you end up on Hans Island

I was very honored to be a part of your wedding and I look forward till I one day can return the favor and have you two as guests at my wedding

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