Pictures taken inside and just outside the church at Naomi & Shawn's wedding.

The wedding!

Unfortunately I only have crappy or worse pictures from the cerimony itself. But I think some other people have some nice shots that they might want to share at some point.

The ceremony was held at 1am Saturday the August 14th in the church of Matthews (sp).

Shawn getting last minute fixes done to his corsage (sp).

A little drunk and out of focus Minime. If you wonder what on earth I mean with drunk, go look at some of the pictures from the reception later and you will know what I mean.

What a handsome groom don't you think? And you can hardly see that he is nervous.

The usual out of focus people... one should think Oliver and Shawn would try to focus a little more with their tasks at hand.

One side of the church... not that I didn't like the other, but my pictures were too fuzzy I am afraid.

A fuzzy bride and her very proud yet fuzzy dad walking up the isle.

Same... even more fuzzy, sorry!

Everyone in place... and fuzzy.

Carl manages to stay focused for once. Here he is saying some gifted words in the church.

Carl again.

Finally a decent foto where all seems in focus... then everyone turns their back on me 8(.

Naomi seems fairly happy... a little hard to tell though on this picture.

The priest on fast forward...

Rings change hands etc... nothing fancy (took a ton of pictures and this was the best of them).

I do I do... and off to the reception.

They seemed to be in a hurry on this picture....

Would you look at the cute little bridesmaids.

Outside the church

Quite a few hugs and hands shakes are done on the next many pictures. Wont comment that all that much. The pictures speak for them selves I would say.

After this we all walked back to Carl and Elisabeth's place for the nice outdoor reception. Please take a look at those pictures as well.

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