Pictures taken after the bride and the groom left the party... not many but better than nothing!

At Victors bar in Copenhagen

A few of the wedding guests and I thought that the wedding party was cut a little short! So what else to do than continue partying after the wedding ended Saturday night?

The people more or less depicted above are: David, Dennis, Jay, Oliver, Carsten, Stine, Trine, Amanda, Natanya.

Same crowd different angle.

Stine and Trine were out fooling with Oliver somewhere.

From left to right we have: Dennis, Amanda, Jay, David Carsten and Natanya.

Same setup as above apart from Cartens bunny ears supplied by David.

As the great "out in town guide" I am - I made sure to put the last two drunkards (Jay and Dennis) in cab to get them home. But not till after I treated them with a "on your way home from town" meal. We each ate 2 Big Macs... this was around 5.30am Sunday morning. A sturdy breakfast to finish off on.

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