This page includes links to pictures taken on both vacations and work trips.

Travels Galore!

First off please note that the site is best viewed on a screen with resolution above 1200px in width and in IE. Otherwise there might be some overlays in the graphic unfortunately.

You will find quite a few pictures on this site, eventually at least.

Please enjoy these pictures for what they are. Which is - taking in the spur of the moment! For some... others were carefully planned. We will leave it up to you to decide which is which.

Further more please invite friends and such - who might have an interest in looking at these pictures - to drop by and take a look.

Mind you though it's not all pretty pictures!


This site is not half done yet and might never be either. So please bare over with me regarding how it is set up at the moment. I thought getting the pictures online asap was more important than the layout.

Beware!! Some pictures might contain adults behaving as drunk monkeys or worse!

If the pictures seem fuzzy it is due to one of the following reasons:
You own an old monitor or it is not correctly installed.
The people on the picture were moving.
The people on the picture were drunk.
The people on the picture were drunk and moving.
It was very foggy that day.

No matter what the dear kind person holding the camera is not to blame!

Can I get ahold of these pictures?

Well if you are ok with them in the resolution they are in on the site, feel free to download etc.

If you want a few pictures in a better resolution that is possible as well. Slap me a mail at telling me which pictures etc.

Mind you the pictures might look worse in higher resolution and they take up as much as 1.5mb of space and most mailboxes can't handle that.

Can I get my picture shown here as well?

That could be arranged. If you have some funny or good pictures that you feel people would enjoy from occasions that include me or Maibritt in some way then please let me know and we can arrange something.

Enough chit chat?

Indeed! Now choose what pictures you want to look at in the menu on the right!

How to get ahold of me?

Once again, any quesions etc let me know at this address