Pictures from my trip with Nikolaj to North Thailand

Songkran at Phayao

Songkran is the Thai new year party. A very fun celebration where people throw water at each other, which you might get to see if I ever get the movie I filmed of Nikolaj and I uploaded.

The next few pictures gives you an idea how mighty Nikolaj actually is, I thought I had problems getting in and out of cars, hehe.

Head cleared...

Now for the rest of the body

Laughing doesn't really help.

This is not gonna work...

Back in again, moving the car to be able to open the door a little more.

Laughing so hard I can't help but shake the camera

Almost there....

Free at last!! That was pretty funny

The view from my hotel room in Phayao


Inside the hotel... 55kr for a night, not too bad. I have paid more for less before.

Nikolaj brought his wheel barrel to town...


Dinner is served... or actually not cooked yet.

Now dinner is served...

A little more to choose from.

Nick has a new pair of glasses... made of cakes from Jays (sp)uncle's bakery.

The grass hopper snack wants to taste my beer!

Nick 'n Jay

Jay taking picture with her phone of Boom and me (sp)

Me and Boom

Extremely strong wasabi paste, as you will see in Nick's expresion on the next two pictures...

Burning, singing... pain

Ahhh almost gone again!

Breakfast is served... for some reason we Jay did not allow us to have the eggs'n rice we wanted, so we started out with pork and egg for breakfast.

Chili sauce for the breakfast of heroes

T-Hansen is in Thailand as well, or Thai Landsen as I named it... Nick thinks I suck 8(

Cutest little puppy!

Little more lively after it got some more water

Now time to die... as all guys know, having little creatures in our hands makes us wanna squize them to death... no one knows why, thats just the way it is

Bananas at Jay's Grand dad's house.

Pics from GDs garden...

Girls on scooters... wet and with buckets of water. Songkran here we come!

Little kids hiding in a barrel to surprise unsuspecting strangers with water

Let me know if you have some good pictures from any of my trips that you want to have added.

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