Pictures taken inside and just outside the church at our wedding.

The wedding!

Waiting for more pictures for this page, a few is listed below, please check in later to updates.

The ceremony was held at 2pm Saturday March 29th in the church of John the Baptist (Johannes Døbers Kirke).

Maibritt being lead up the floor by her father, infront of them are my fantastic little nephew and niece, Latimer and Sienna.

Our very first kiss as a married couple!

Walking down the Isle.

Heading outdoor....

Maibritt's hand ball kids alle showed up to hail their great leader with a parade/ presentation of hand balls

For those who do not know what hand ball is, it is an Olympic team sport with 7 people on each team playing on upright goals and a court the size of a basketball court approximately 8)

I little kiss for the photographers outside the church before heading to the reception.

After this we all walked over to the reception held in the rooms of "Valby Frikirke". This was in so many ways a blessing since the tent Tomas, Robert and I had spent 4 hours setting up, blew away Friday morning.

Without the help from my dear mother Elisabeth, Hannah my cousin and her husbond Niels Peter, I find it hard to believe the recpetion would ever have taken place! Thank you ever so much!!

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