Great pictures taken by Sbo.

Portraits from the dinner

My good friend, and previous employer Claus Bo, was kind enough to take these great pictures of almost all the guests at the dinner and party.

We are extremely happy for these pictures, since we didn't really have all that much time to walk around and take pictures ourselves. More comments will be added when time permits for now names will have to do!.

Charlotte & Michael

Berit & Peter

Kirsten & Jan

Anette & Manne

Lisbeth & Torben

Nikolaj & Daniel

Phong & Henrik Møller


Louise & David

Hopefully no introdcution needed here!

Natanya & Martin

Henrik Dyrholm

Gitte & Arne

Natanya & Martin again again


Naomi & Shawn

Marie & Mikkel

Carl & Jens

Hannah & Niels Peter

Lynne & Tomas

Ulrik & Robert



Karen & Lasse

Leif (Hanne has gone missing apperently)

Margret & Erik



Freddie & and the beautiful bride!


Jan, Latimer & Anna

Henrik Dyrholm & Henrik Møller

The great chef of the day, Anders Peter A.K.A AP

The fantastik kitchen help (Maibritt please help with names)

Sienne & David

As mentioned, comments will be added when time permits. Let Maibritt or I know if you wish to get ahold of the high resolution version of your picture.

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