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This homepage is mainly used for me to work on my crappy computer skills on.

Welcome to the site!

The content of this site will every so often be updated and so will the design.

More pictures will be added once in a while so if you have any interest in Sukkot activities you might want to check back in now and then.

On this site you will mainly stumble across pictures of me and my family. Some of these come with a short story and some do not.

What pictures can you find on this site?

At the time being there are not really all that many pictures on this site but that will change with time. The pictures that can be found are all listed in the menu on the right

Speaking of design

The layout and design of this site is made using Cascading Style Sheets - better know as CSS.

If you want to take a look at how this page would look without CSS click here.

The only difference on the two pages is that on the first one a style sheet is loaded, on the second one there is no style sheet and it looks the way it would like with exactly the same html code shown with the browsers default style sheet. The content on that page is not always up to date though - it should give you and idea of what CSS can do.

How to get ahold of me?

Drop me an email at this address j@c0b.net